I am 

  • Chameleon.

I am a master of transformation.

My body can adapt effortlessly to its architectural surroundings.

I am technical by nature.

My body has special skills:

My habitat is diverse.

I am a common creature across all areas of the urban jungle.
If you wish, I am also active during the day.

My adaptability makes me timeless.

My modularity allows me to adapt to my architectural context. I’m upgradeable and my parts are replaceable.

Through my transformation, I can transform spaces.

Helping to stay in tune with nature´s colours.

Adapting to my colourful surroundings.


With two-level light guiding lens
optic for perfect colour mixing.

My shape of light is as diverse as your requirements.

ewoLightLayers for individual lighting effects.

I am intelligent

internal driver
Integral internal driver
external driver
Slice external driver

Scalable intelligence

Now you see me.

ewo Chameleon

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